Himalayan Excursion ..
A Journey through the Himalayan Wonders.. Expeditionary programs for Youth !


  • HIMALAYAN EXCURSION is a humble effort to rediscover the majesty of the Himalaya, its people and history, myths and culture and the natural treasure. The excursion provides a scientific look at varied aspects of Himalaya. Trekking at high altitude, camping, rock climbing , glissading and white water rafting activities add to the thrill of participation with others in the group and make it an experience of a lifetime!

  • The Himalayan Excursion is an outcome of over 250 Himalayan camps with more than 14,000 km of trekking and climbing experiences in the Himalaya over the past 33 years.

  • We strive to make learning about nature an unforgettable exercise in body, mind and spirit to ensure a strong and stable mental foundation fora peaceful and happy life ahead.
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