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inculcating Passion for Excellence!


Outdoor Journey Starts


1st Trekking Expedition From Central India
1st Mountain Experience


Led First civilian Traverse Trekking of Himalaya 2300 Km Kathmandu to Leh


Professional Trainer for TATA steel
Mountain journey begins, Participation in Mt Everest Expedition


Established a Trust for promotion of Adventure with 30 k Student, 800 Champs


Founder Director of International affiliated center.
Leadership in Safety Quality Review at International centers


Corporate leadership Project Not for profit Initiation


Launched commercial venture - "Skywalk Venture" to promote Social Enterpreneur ship Through Leadership projects.


Center of Excellence @ Gyan Bharti

History Adventure Academy

Over the last three decades, the field of adventure programming has witnessed major changes due to evolution of technology, ease of communication and connectivity through networking. The popularity of adventure sports is soaring high and this sudden rush for adrenaline has its own concerns. Most of the participants of Adventure based training and leisure programs belong to the prime age category of 15 yrs to 50 years. Due to ever increasing demand for adventure service providers, adventure agencies are mushrooming at various destinations. The field of adventure sports do not have any regulatory body in India and most of the incidences, near miss cases and accidents goes unnoticed. The need of the hour is to ensure that more and more entrepreneurs should join the field of adventure promotion with proper safety and quality delivery for the benefit of its client. The adventure experience should become a completely rewarding and rejuvenating experience for one and all.

Mrs.Bimla Negi Deoskar and Mr.Avinash Deoskar are practicing adventure training since 1983. Having practiced the adventure activities for three decades, in various parts of the world, Mr.Avinash and Mrs. Bimla decided to assimilate the experiences and knowledge of contemporary practitioners and share it among the new entrants aspiring for excellence in this field. The formation of Adventure Training Academy as a "NOT FOR PROFIT" initiative encourages the sharing of best practices among the deserving youth and entrepreneurs. ATA supports for conceptualization to delivery of adventure based learning for various identified sectors and working on Research and Development with the help of subject matter experts.