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Welcome to Adventure Academy

Over last three decades, the field of Adventure programming has witnessed multidimensional changes due to evolution of technology, ease of communication and connectivity through networking etc. The popularity of Adventure sports is soaring high but this sudden rush for adrenaline has its own concerns. Most of the participants of Adventure based Training and Leisure programs belong to the prime age category of 15 yrs to 50 years. Due to ever increasing demand for adventure service providers, adventure agencies are mushrooming at every nook and corner.

There is no regulatory body of adventure sports for training, quality control for equipment or application of adventure concept in India and most of the incidences, ‘near miss’ cases and accidents goes unnoticed. The need of the hour is to ensure that more and more entrepreneurs should join the field of adventure promotion with proper safety and quality delivery for the benefit of their clients. The adventure experience should become enthralling, rewarding and rejuvenating experiences for one and all. These thoughts have greatly influenced and translated in setting up an Adventure Training Academy which vouches to offer quality and safety practices in scientific delivery system with self appraisal tools designed through years of field experience.

The Adventure training Academy conducts training across India. The Academy is governed by Hon Director, with advisory support of leading adventurers and subject matter experts.