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A tremendous social responsibility
comes with being a successful
public performer !

Social Corporate


  • If team building is a goal of your event, conference or retreat then you are at the right place.
  • Whether yours is a business group, school or spiritual organization, let us help you design a program that will challenge your group and bring them together in exciting new ways.
  • Program costs vary with the number of participants, meals and length of stay.
  • Get in touch with us and we will help you design a program that meets your group’s unique goals.

  • If you are searching for a way to finally be free from all the stress you carry, then joining our camp would be a wonderful option
  • Most stress management strategies teach you to control your stress, not release it. But we help you release it.
  • When you release the toxins that cause you stress, the stress is completely out of your system.

  • We design camps for individual who seeks to enable humans to exist sustainably within the biosphere.
  • We seek to improve the productivity and health of natural lands throughout India. How better can it be than to arrange a camp and get it done by plantation lovers.
  • The vision is to enhance a sustainable biosphere where humanity thrives alongside a healthy biodiverse environment.

  • Disaster management camps are extremely helpful for some groups.
  • We indulge in group activities for the same. A disaster management camp is best when we have a group of people with us.
  • We have legal undertaking for these activities and have a specialised team who works hard to make this camp a success.

  • In taking them out of their protective home environment, kids learn to fend for themselves and become responsible and independent.
  • If the kids experience success and enjoy when trying new activities, kids build an openness and willingness to experiment and take risks.
  • By joining this camp, thekids learn the difference between their needs and their wants.
  • By joining the camp, the kids learn to trust and accept people for who they are.