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As per Ayurveda, exposure to moonlight is effective in cooling for the Pitta Dosha and has been used in addressing natural cures to diseases such as hypertension, hives, rashes, other inflammatory conditions. Furthermore, it is considered beneficial for spiritual awakening, and realization of one’s primal self.
Besides the health benefits the beauty of nature in the moonlight is something to see. The surroundings soaked in the liquid silver from the moon is to drink in and get rejuvenated to face the monotony of daily life.
The Moonlight trek will be a 4.2 km nature walk in full moon. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of moonlight reflecting in the lake, or a moon in the lake near the camp. The elderly and kids can enjoy the beauty from the viewpoints specially build for meditation and spiritual practices.
Sky Watching:People are always amazed that they can see so much in the night sky from neighbouring planets to galaxies far away to ghostly glowing clouds forming slowly into stars. It never fails to impress.
The real beauty of astronomy is that it is free and open to anyone, no matter what your age or ability. All you need to do is to open your eyes with my help; you will soon learn your way around the cosmos and be picking celestial wonders to show your friends.
A moonlight walk is soothing, healthy and distressing.
A Wellness mantra…… Stargazing workshop.


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  • Dinner
  • Trek-LakeSide 4Km
  • Morning Tea
  • Water Sports
  • Meditation
  • Breakfast
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