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"The act of Learning is the result of reflection upon experiences” by King."

” Try and work something you enjoy, because the probability is you’ll do it well.Over a long period of time, it’s difficult to work hard at something you don’t enjoy.”

The word adventure means different for different people. Generally, adventure implies thrill and excitement, risks and dangers, and the unexpected and extraordinary experiences.

Adventure Training Academy aims at harnessing the energy within. Our programs are designed for rediscovering the latent talent. We provide opportunities to reflect on the experiences gained at the training programs and work on integrating these experiences for the benefit of their career choices.

To help students discover their areas of interest and to work on possible career choices, we integrate our activities with the outcome of scientifically designed tools by world’s leading assessment agencies, such as CMAP + and 15 FQ assessments.

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[Career Motivation Analysis profile] The CMAP+ report measures eight broad patterns of career interests: Artistic, Scientific, Logical, Managerial, Administrative, Persuasive, Practical and Nurturing along with verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning assessment.[Age group 15 years to 18 years].


[Occupational Interest Profile] for age group 18 and above..

15 FQ Tests

For personality factors for age group 18 years and above.